Who We Are

Project ACHIEVE is a family of researchers and team members dedicated to promoting HIV awareness and prevention research in New York City.

  • We are part of the largest clinical trials programs devoted to the development and testing of preventive HIV vaccines worldwide: HVTN and HPTN
  • We use epidemiology to stay up to date on who is at risk and why
  • We design and test innovative prevention strategies to increase HIV testing and reduce risk.

We are leaders in HIV prevention research. Project ACHIEVE and the Columbia Research Unit work together to make up the New York HIV Vaccine Unit. Under the HIV Vaccine Trials Network and HIV Prevention Trials Network, we conduct clinical research trials in hopes to find a successful HIV vaccine.

Project ACHIEVE is also involved in New York City's LGBTQ+ community.

Our clinic and offices are located in the New York Blood Center’s Laboratory of Infectious Disease Prevention.

What We Do