Annual Events

Since 1993 and formerly led by Dr. Beryl Koblin, Project ACHIEVE has been in the streets talking to community members and participating in community events. Throughout the year, Project ACHIEVE works to build community awareness around HIV prevention and HIV vaccine research. We rely on community participation, partners, and sponsorship to make these events successful.

Some of our most successful annual events are our community education entertainment events, which includes Vaccine-o-licious and Save Our Sex (S.O.S.).

Vaccine-O-Licious, an annual event designed to spread the word about HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. This event brings together a variety of performers uniting through dance and song. Peppermint, the NYC Queen of Vaccine, hosts this exciting evening of entertainment, with a little education too!

Save Our Sex (SOS), is a community gathering educational event that brings the conversation of pressing hot topics of the community into a social setting (a bar) for true audience discussion of issues affecting our sexual lives. This event brings together local celebrities, community leaders, and health professionals for an evening that will throw taboos out the window and confront sex head-on, with no issue off the table!


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